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Board Members

Board of Directors:

The InfraGard Nebraska Board of Directors functions as the driving force to direct the chapters current and future endeavors in adopting and maintaining sound, ethical, and  legal organizational and financial policies. Our board also works to foster relationships between chapter member organizations and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.   

President – Walter Clackum
Treasurer – Gray Derrick
Secretary – Roger Crom
Sponsorship Chair – Paul Maakestad
Webmaster - Luke Wentz

At Large:

Our Board Members at Large commit their time and efforts to the support of the Board of Directors activities pertaining to management of the chapter and the development of the boards relationships with its members.

  Matthew Marsh
  James O’Connor
  Veronika Pinkerton
  Troy Brueckner
  Warren Fish

FBI Coordinators:

The InfraGard  Nebraska FBI Coordinator plays an important part in building communications between the Board of Directors, chapter members, and primarily the Federal Bureau of Investigations. The FBI Coordinator also facilitates communication with other public sector entities they work with.

   Special Agent Jeffrey Becker

Chapter Leadership email:

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